Alessandro Cugola & Joseph Rigo
Three Interrupted Trials is the aftermath of three unrealised projects by Alessandro Cugola and Joseph Rigo. If we assume that a design’s hypotheses are verified only through its realisation, the meaning of any unbuilt project can only be supposed. The three designs are shown as 1:1 models that embody the physical dimension of the original projects, but while losing their contextual resonance, they stand as ambiguous objects.

1 Column

To read the landscape is to read its temporality. Geology is its stillest time:
by revealing its strata, as in a sort of carottage, those macro times, or epochs, become vulnerable. Yet there are unpredictable temporalities, connected to the atmosphere, or to our subjectivity, marking subtle changes between moments. Those cycles are intertwined, describing an environmental chronology. The different natures of these cycles are inscribed in the column, which measures how they are woven with our subjective experience, altering our perception of the place.

The project was submitted on the 29th of May 2020 to the Municipality of Camerota, Salerno.

2 Bench

Designing a bench in marble results in a rather evident contrast between such a precious and yet rigid material, and an act – to sit - ordinary and civic.
This duplicity is further explored in the composition, exploiting a property of the material, its plasticity. The curves play with an abstract anatomic geometry, while the marble, when sculpted, softens as to resemble skin.

The project was submitted on the 27th of June 2020 to Fondazione Centro Arti Visive di Pietrasanta, Lucca.

3 Garden

The garden as hortus conclusus is the result of a selection of comforting elements from the plant world. ‘Other’ natures, difficult ecosystems where life is forced to compromise, are excluded. A new language is defined to include hostile nature: two piles of matter describe a nature in transition, where there is no boundary, but a set of changing spaces. The garden represents a form of liminality, becoming an ambiguous space, not based on categories, but on interpretations.

The project was submitted on the 30th of November 2020 to Biennale del Giardino Mediterraneo, Catania.

Alessandro Cugola and Joseph Rigo met in their home town, Verona, ten years ago. They are both architects. Alessandro is based in Brussels, Joseph in Milan.