glow, fall
Lucia Bachner, Anton Engel, Barbara Kręgiel, Sarah Ferreira dos Santos, Akinori Tao 
invited by Lisa Klosterkötter and Elena Malzew
i often see it in your face
you look older then
sometimes you look really old
today you look twenty years younger
stop laughing think less
it makes you old what you‘re doing
grey and brown dresses make you old
give your mourning dresses the red cross
who let you wear the cementary dresses?
of course i‘m angry i want to be angry
you look younger at once! i‘
ll talk you out of this old age!

Barbara Kręgiel, Excerpt from „Pain Messure“, Wroclaw, Nov/Dec 2010

Lucia Bachner
I go to Earth when Mars is boring*, 2020
1,5 liter beeswax, wick, M6 stainless steel screws
*Lil Wayne

Akinori Tao
Bis du mich bemerkst, 2020
Clay, wood, shellac, ink, sriking mechanism, chain, clockhand, face, brass, cone

Sarah Ferreira dos Santos
Untitled, 2020
Polyester, cotton wool

Akinori Tao
Lass mich schneller laufen, 2020
Silicone, antic sugar box, sugar, tapioca

Anton Engel
Untitled (Ach, Doktor #8), 2010
Pencil on Paper

Anton Engel
Untitled (Qualle #1), 2016
Ink on Paper

Anton Engel
Untitled (Book), 2016
Ink on Paper

Anton Engel
Books + Biscuits, 2016
Pencil on Paper

Akinori Tao
Keiner zuhause, 2020 Clay, shellac, ink, pet food, leaves, vio water botle